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disturbia movie ringtones

    disturbia movie
  • Disturbia is a 2007 American thriller film directed by D. J. Caruso and executive produced by Ivan Reitman. It is an updated version of Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Rear Window.

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disturbia movie ringtones - Paramount Movie

Paramount Movie Cash-disturbia [dvd] [ff]

Paramount Movie Cash-disturbia [dvd] [ff]

Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 06/16/2009 Rating: Pg13

Alfred Hitchcock fans may experience deja vu upon exposure to this voyeuristic thriller. That's because director DJ Caruso (The Salton Sea) and co-writer Carl Ellsworth (Red Eye) use Rear Window as a jumping-off point before cherry-picking from more recent scare fare, like The Blair Witch Project. In the prologue, 17-year-old Kale (Shia LaBeouf, Holes) loses his beloved father to a car crash. A year passes, and he's still on edge. When a teacher makes a careless remark about his dad, Kale punches him out, and is sentenced to house arrest. After his mom (Carrie-Anne Moss, Memento) takes away his Xbox and iTunes privileges, the suburban slacker spies on his neighbors to pass the time. In the process, he develops a crush on Ashley (Sarah Roemer, The Grudge 2), the hot girl next door, and becomes convinced that another, the soft-spoken Mr. Turner (David Morse, The Green Mile), is a serial killer. With the help of the flirtatious Ashley, practical joke-playing pal Ronnie (Aaron Yoo), and an array of high-tech gadgets, like cell-phone cameras and digital camcorders, Kale sets out to solve a major case without leaving his yard (a feat that would prove more challenging for a less affluent sleuth). In the end, it's pretty familiar stuff, but there are plenty of scares once Turner realizes he's being watched, and rising star LaBeouf, who next appears in Michael Bay's Transformers, makes for an engaging leading man--despite his character’s propensity for slugging Spanish instructors. --Kathleen C. Fennessy
Beyond Disturbia
Why We Love Shia LaBeouf
The Soundtrack
Rear Window

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IN EXPLORE. Ho passato il ferragosto ad una festa in piscina a casa di amici, domani arrivano foto e filmato, promesso.

I spent the 15th august at a pool party at my friend's house, tomorrow i'll upload some photos and a short movie, i promise.

Disturbia House, Whittier, CA

Disturbia House, Whittier, CA

6222 Painter Avenue, Whittier, CA.
The filming of "Disturbia" at this home.

disturbia movie ringtones

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